Edina Szvoren

  • I was born in Budapest, in the 7th District, in 1974;
  • my father was a cabinetmaker working for various theaters, my mother (earlier an actress, then a speech therapist) was a scientific associate working for sociology;
  • I was graduated as a music-master in the Academy of Music at the Choral Conducting department in 1998;
  • I have been teaching music theory and solfeggio at my former secondary school since 1999;
  • my works have regularly been published since 2005;
  • my first book of short stories, Pertu was published by Palatinus in 2010;
  • I represented Hungary at the European Festival of the First Novel in 2011 April;
  • in summer 2011 I participated the Polish-Hungarian “Re : verse” event;
  • 14 short stories of mine were published by Élet és Irodalom;
  • my second short story edition titledNincs, és ne is legyen was published in 2012;
  • since 2010 I have been invited to give readings and workshop conversations in Budapest, Berlin, Békécsaba, Leipzig, Kishegyes, Szigliget, Szeged, Pécs, Vilnius, Brussels, Romania, ;
  • my third short story collection, Az ország legjobb hóhéra was published by Magvető in 2015 (shortlisted at Aegon Prize and Libri Prize);
  • prizes, fellowships: Móricz fellowship (2009), Déry Award (2010),Gundel Award (2011), Sándor Bródy Award (2011), NKA advocacy (2012), Artisjus Award (2013), Attila József Prize (2014), EU Prize for Literature (2015);
  • I have a brother who is a pianist living in Lübeck (Germany);
  • I am a Budapest-dweller; I lived in the downtown, in Gazdagrét, in Újpest.


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